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Booking a Dj for wedding parties is a latest trend, but you know how difficult it is to find someone who is not a clubbin' young boy without specific experience in weddings. Serviziodj® AUDIODRESS crews are born to let you find an expert Wedding Dj, that can mix and direct the audio emotions during your party. We try to organize our services following your desires.
The entire marriage planning is very complex and need long times, Serviziodj AUDIODRESS offers you the total follow up of the music organization. We use to work with couples getting married in Italy that live in other countries, so the primary requirement is to plan everything by mail or by Skype.
After the first contact we send you our estimates, then if you decide to book our service, we use to contact the wedding planner or your wedding location to get informed about other details. Our compact professional equipments allows maximum logistic flexibility leaving intact the classic equilibrium of beautiful italian Villas and Castles.

every moment has its own music

The music embraces the greatest hits from any time, for example for the APERITIF we can play easy - smooth jazz or new Swing (Bublè, Diana Krall...), pop music, Brazilian Bossanova...; The DINNER soundtrack for example by Sinatra or Norah Jones, chill out, lounge moods... however always played with a moderate volume.
After the cut of the cake (with your love song) the DANCES begin!

the dance begin!

There's no limit to the entertainment, with all kinds of dance music. From the 50's (rock n roll..),60's (twist..),70's (disco),80's (new wave),90's (pop)... to the musicals (Grease, The Blues Brothers..) From the most known rock (my sharona, whatever you want..), to the latin hits ( Shakira, Gipsy kings...). And obviously if you like we have all the international hip-hop (Usher,Eminem, 50 cents..) house, dance and pop (Madonna...) hits of the moment. This won't be a rigid list of songs that will be played without reasoning, it will be a pleasant travel across your music memories of the past and of the present.

more nations, more music

We use to work for foreigners couples getting married in Italy (from UK, Ireland, United States, Germany, Israel, Canada, Belgium, India, South Africa...) For some couples it's important to have some typical national music for traditional dances ecc. It can be hard to find some rare titles for us, It's simpler for you setting your CDs and send them by mail some week before the event to let the Dj use them and you will dance whatever you want!
Anyway we can provide all the most famous international kind of music to please every single guest from evrey part of the world.
It's also posslble hiring only the audio/light equipment, you'll be able to let play e.g. a friend, a Dj coming from your country etc.

not enough details?

You get not enough details? You can see our Frequently Asked Questions , and our testimonials or require a free rate click here. We work in all Italy provinces, as you can see in our references, you'll find other details about destination weddings in Italy in our dedicated website:

what else you got to know

Very Important issue: for the Italian Law, people organizing a private party (as the wedding) in Villas or other rented locations, should pay a "music rights fee" to the SIAE local office.
This issue can't be done by our staff, it should be done by the couple getting married, or by a delegate in any case can not be managed in remote, You or your delegate should reach that local SIAE office only. Please note that our ratings do not include this fee.
Some locations pay this fee for the entire year, just have an information with them.

Other wedding services

We're able to offer other related wedding services.

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  • Audio rental
  • photographer and video makers.


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